Punchbagpro Muay Thai Fundamentals

Inside this course you will learn 20 exciting fundamental Muay Thai Drills to train.

Each drill covers a specific area such as how to use your strikes in the correct range, how to develop a super powerful round kick, different elbow strike variations and loads more.

I created these simple drills from my 27 years of training with some of the worlds best fighters and coaches including the likes of Paul "Semtex" Daley and Prathet Kaewmala to give you the most efficient skills to progress through your Muay Thai training.

Training with Prathet Kaewmala

300 Fight Vet, 9 x Sothern & 2 x Rajadamnern Champion

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Muay Thai Introduction

    • Understanding the 5 striking ranges

    • Introduction to elbows and knees

    • Left and right elbow technical breakdown

    • Long knee and switch knee technical breakdown

    • The elbow & knee flow drill to improve body mechanics

    • Elbow follow ups off the jab and cross

    • Elbow and knee set ups using the jab, cross, hook combination

    • The five elbow blitz drill

    • The power 4 drill

    • How to perform marching knees

    • Entering the clinch safely and correctly

    • Skip knees in the Muay Thai clinch

    • The sneaky Paul Daley elbow

    • Sneaky kicks to use inside the clinch

    • Muay Thai speed switch kicks

    • Rebound round kicks and the killer liver set up

    • Hard low kicks & chopping the tree principle

    • Shin check to knee follow up

    • Three low kick defences - check, evade & plant