Takedown Defence For MMA

I started my MMA training 20 years ago and since then the sport has grown into one of the biggest championships in the world.

I have always been a stand up striker through my Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai but made sure I developed a strong takedown defence to keep the action up on the feet.

Having a great takedown defence is a key component to any mixed martial artists skill set being able to stop an opponent wrestling you down the mat.

This course is perfect to improve your takedown defence.

You will learn:

1. The 7 stages of takedown defence - understand the timing process of a takedown and learn how to apply seven different techniques against your opponent accordingly

2. Defending the single leg takedown - how to defend a single leg takedown using the "Three S's"

3. Defending the double leg takedown - how to sprawl with follow up options

4. Defending the front body lock - my go to option which works every time

5. Defending standing rear back control - how to strip an opponent off your back

6.  The technical get up, plus 3 kicks from the floor - how to get up from the floor safely and quickly along with three awesome kicks you can use from the ground

7. How to escape off the cage - How to reverse your opponent and escape when you are being wrestled against the cage

8. Four essential principles to follow when you get taken down - golden rules you must follow to help you get back up to your feet

Course curriculum

  • 1

    MMA Takedown Defence

    • Introduction

    • 1. The seven stages of takedown defence against a shooting opponent

    • 2. Defending the single leg takedown - Stuff, square and sprawl

    • 3. Defending the double leg takedown - Sprawling

    • 4. Defending the front body lock - Double bicep crush

    • 5. Defending standing back control - Wrist breaker

    • 6. The Technical Get Up, plus 3 kicks thrown from the floor

    • 7. How to escape off the cage

    • 8. Four essential principles to follow if you do get taken down