Punchbagpro Advanced Kicking Drills

Welcome to the advanced kicking course where I will  teach you how to develop that highlight reel knockout finish!

I grew up watching videos of the worlds best Kickboxers and Muay Thai Fighters such as Buakaw, Saenchai and Ramon Dekker's but no one had a reputation like the legendary Mirko Cro Cop.

He is one of the BEST head kicking specialists to have ever competed and is considered one of the greatest heavyweight kickboxers of all time. 

As quoted...

"Right leg hospital, left leg cemetery..."

Scary stuff considering how much power you can generate through your kicks and onto an opponent.

Jump Inside this course where you will find 15 awesome drills to take your kicking game up to the next level.

Course Lessons

  • 1

    Kickboxing Advanced Kicking Drills

    • Introduction to advanced kicking

    • My favourite head kick set up

    • How to Dutch style chop kick

    • Three deadly dutch style liver combos

    • Four ways linking power cross and power low kick

    • Three advanced spin kicks

    • Side kick to spin side kick combo

    • Three techniques to destroy your opponents lead knee

    • Bringing down the head of a taller opponent

    • Three Low kick fakes

    • Three high % kicking fakes

    • Different ways to Jump front, round and side kick

    • Two double jump kicks

    • Highlight reel knockout kicks

    • Five by fives conditioning drill