Round Kick Catches & Takedowns

As you know being able to sweep your opponent to the floor shows a spectacular amount of technique and makes the crowd go completely wild with amazement. 

Its just so cool!

I started my martial arts training 20 years ago and since then have harnessed the power of all the takedowns included in this course.

These takedowns all work off a roundhouse kick so regardless of your training style you can effectively add these takedowns into your striking skill set.

Some are traditional and easy to pull off and some are much more tricky and totally unorthodox, but they all work when used correctly against a resisting opponent.

I know you will love ithem!

Course Lessons

  • 1

    Kickboxing Round Kick Catches & Takedowns

    • Introduction

    • Catch A - The Overwrap Catch

    • Catch A - Striking Options

    • Catch A - Inside Sweep

    • Catch A - Momentum Sweep

    • Catch A - Foot Sweep

    • Catch A - Cut Kick Sweep

    • Catch A - Ankle Block Sweep

    • Catch A - Triangle Turn Sweep

    • Catch A - Running Sweep

    • Catch B - The Shelf Catch

    • Catch B - Shot Put Takedown

    • Catch B - Double Arm Drag Down

    • Catch B - Cut Kick Sweep

    • Catch C - Body Cover Pull Through

    • Catch C - Foot Trap

    • Catch C - Inside Foot Sweep

    • Catch C - Back Take

    • Catch D - Ankle Drop Catch

    • Catch D - Jabbing It Out

    • Catch D - Dragon Tail Sweep

    • Catch D - Outside Duck Under Throw

    • Catch E - Spin Catch to Spin Back Elbow

    • Bonus Sweep 1 - Kenjit

    • Bonus Sweep 2 - Buakaw Penalty

    • Bonus Sweep 3 - Running Knee Tap